App - main features


App - main features


It’s been a request of our users for a while, so we are happy to be able to announce that our app has finally launched. With the Webdashboard App you can view your Power BI reports on your mobile device, meaning you can take them everywhere with you.


For the moment the Webdashboard Team has worked on the following functions:

1. Open your reports optimized for mobile devices
The app was designed specifically for your Webdashboard portal and your reports. Even if the reports are not made with a ‘phone layout’, you will still be able to view and read your reports.

Figure 1. Reports are optimized for mobile devices


2. Add reports to your favorites list
On the Favorites tab you can add your most important or relevant reports. When you open the app, the first screen you will see after logging in is the Favorites tab. This means with only a few taps you can view the reports you need fast. Very handy for on the go!

Figure 2. On the favorites tab your most important reports appear immediately


3. Automatically display (phone) layouts as created in Webdashboard
In your desktop version of Webdashboard you can transform your reports to specifically fit a mobile environment

Figure 3. Detailed reports still appear clearly on your phone



4. Swipe between reporting pages
Multiple-page reports can easily be viewed by swiping between pages, something that is nowadays very intuitive when using a (smart)phone. By swiping you can easily navigate and it is extremely clear.

Figure 4. Swiping to go from page to page in your reports works intuitively


5. Easily switch between your portals/workspaces
For admins and users alike, it is easy to switch between portals. Simply click your Main Menu and then ‘Portals’.
Similarly, switching between workspaces can be done here as well.


Figure 5. In Menu, below your profile picture and name you can switch between portals