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We probably don’t need to tell you, but we ❤ Power BI.
We think it’s the best tool to get your data interactive and as pretty and as crystal clear as can be. We want to help you get your data truly interactive, by sharing reports with all who need to see them.

Just like birds of a feather, like traffic & bad weather, we believe Power BI and Webdashboard just belong together!


Information efficiency remains a daily challenge for some. Luckily, it happens to be our specialization. Webdashboard is part of In Summa Data Solutions. As a Microsoft Gold Partner In Summa Data Solutions works on solutions in the area of Business Intelligence, Software Development and Data Analytics. These 3 powerful specialisms make up our core competency.

With this competence in house, the Webdashboard team is able to get feedback from experts. Every part of the Webdashboard is designed to make sure the insights which your Power BI reports deliver become the center of your decision making proces.


When thinking about features, a common phrase that is used is ‘Less is more’. In a Business Intelligence Portal that has to be able to show one to perhaps even hundreds of reports, that means we need to be flexible & agile to accommodate to everyone’s needs.

For regular, non-tech users (business consumers) of the portal we aim for this ‘Less is more’. With every feature our developers ask themselves: Does a user really need to be able to do/edit this? This leaves users with a clean interface; no distractions, just the reports that matter to you.

For a Portal Administrator it’s the other way around: ‘Less is less’. They are able to easily finetune every aspect of the portal.


Sharing is where it’s at! As users and admins come together, they make Webdashboard the environment where insights are shared, conversations start, and decisions are made.

To efficiently collaborate, reports should be accessible by anyone at anytime. Whether that be through the mobile app, direct links in E-mails or embedding them in an application like SharePoint or adding them to your Teams Channel. The more one can share their Power BI content, the better!

We’ve accomplished this with simplified a user-, group- & RLS management, combined with a solid security model. Every design decision we make needs to fit this model. Access to a report is always configured in the same place, no matter where and with whom the report is shared. The most secure way of sharing!

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The Webdashboard team is always working hard to ensure you can securely & smoothly share your Power BI content!

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