Publish account


Publish account


We added a way for you to add your reports to Webdashboard. For this, you get what we call a ‘Publish account’. You use this to upload reports through Power BI Desktop, or create and edit them on
When you finished editing your report in, you can import those reports in Webdashboard in any Workspace you like. This way you can structure them for your end users any way you like, while they are in one workspace in Power BI.
The entire dataset management is moved to Power BI. This way the Power BI report builders can configure the reports in the environment they know. As an added bonus, all de dataset features we didn’t implement in Webdashboard are now also available to you.

Think for example:

  • Import reports can be set to refresh multiple times per day (maximum of 8).
  • All sources that Power BI supports you can now configure yourself. Where before we only supported a limited amount of sources.
  • You can publish reports from Power BI Desktop.
  • You can work with Shared Datasets in

You can manage the publish account in the settings menu under ‘Power BI settings’. It allows you to log in to and to Power BI Desktop.

Fig. 1 Find it under your Settings

Don’t worry, all your current settings remain as is. If you like the way your Webdashboard is currently set up, there is no need to change anything. These are just extra features.

Fig. 2 You get one free publish account per Webdashboard-portal.

The dataset is now managed in Once you now click the datasets-icon in the edit menu on a report, you will see the following explained and will be directed to the dataset management page in

Fig. 3 How to work with datasets from this release on

We think these changes will make the usage and management much easier, as well as more possibilities in general. In case there are any questions or things are unclear, you can always contact us.

We will also explain this and other features in tutorials. You can find these in the new Tutorials-menu under Settings.

Fig. 4 Tutorials make life even easier

We will add explanations for the more complicated Webdashboard things, such as RLS, here. You can still find all tutorials in video for everything from theming to structuring on our Youtube channel – Go to tutorials on YouTube