Test RLS from within Webdashboard


Test RLS from within Webdashboard


There are two ways to test your current RLS and security settings in Webdashboard.

1. Global test

This test is design to show you what the user will see when logged in. You see the correct workspaces and when you open a report RLS is applied.



Navigate to the RLS popup and now (only if you have the Portal Administrator role) there is a new Spy icon. When you click on it a search box appears. Here you can search through all the Webdashboard users and select one.

Row Level security
Picture 1: Selecting a RLS test user

A box appears at the bottom that it’s clear you are viewing as this user. Through here you can also close this test mode

Picture 2: RLS test enabled

2. RLS on report only
If you don’t want to show a report to the user, but want to test if the RLS on the report is configured correctly you can also test RLS on report level.
Just navigate to the report you want to test. Click the magic wand and select to user you want to test with.
Row Level Security per report
Picture 3: Row Level Security  per report

Test tip!

When you are testing and not sure what the username is your report is viewed under, just add a measure with the DAX expression username() and put it on a card visual. When you upload this report you will see the username (email address) of the logged in user. In Power BI Desktop you will see your Windows Logon name. Don’t use UserPrincipalName() with Webdashboard. This will not work.

Row Level Security Test tip
Picture 4: Row Level Security Test tip