Want to easily share your Power BI reports and dashboards?

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When you share your Power BI reports and dashboards you want to make sure you do it safely.  
Learn how to use Webdashboard to smoothly & safely share Power BI in- & outside your organization during a short webinar: 

Date: TUE 31st of May 
Time: 16:00 (CEST) 

Microsoft Power BI Webdashboard how

    This webinar will be presented by:

    Natasja Mekes - Marketing Specialist
    Natasja Mekes – Marketing Specialist
    Mark Baelemans – Business Development

    In this session we will be sharing:

    ✅Why we created Webdashboard

    ✅What Webdashboard is

    ✅How to create a Webdashboard environment

    ✅How to easliy share your report to someone inside & outside your organization

    ✅How to use Row Level Security (RLS) in Webdashboard

    ✅Showing you a few other neat features for sharing, managing & branding your environment

    ✅Pricing and room for questions

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