Row Level Security - Deep dive



Row Level Security - Deep dive


To explain how Row Level Security works in Webdashboard. It’s important to know how it works in Power BI. If you already know that and only need to know the differences between Webdashboard and Power BI. Please skip this artical and read this:

How to: Configure Row Level Security (RLS) – Webdashboard

We will configure everything in 11 separated tutorial video’s.

  1. Add a Role to and Import or Direct Query report (Power BI Desktop)
  2. Test this Role
  3. Make the Role Dynamic
  4. Test this Role
  5. Publish the report to Power BI Services
  6. Test this Role
  7. Connect the Report to Webdashboard
  8. Show what is different
  9. Test this Role
  10. Live Connection (Tabular) differences
  11. How to configure this in Webdashboard